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Car Detailing Tips and Tricks You Have Probably Not Heard Before

No matter how much you try to learn about everything related to your car, there is always a secret detailing technique that will surprise you.

Car cleaning tips and tricks develop as a car owner is like learn from their past mistakes and improve an old detailing method in new and get best result in this process. Here we will give you few tips and tricks that you have probably not heard before.

Here are those car detailing tips and tricks which are new to you:

1.   Talcum powder can take out the stain on your leather car seats -

If you worried about the ink stain on you leather car seats and try different ways to remove it but all are fail, then this will definitely help you to remove it and give you a new look. Spread talcum powder on the strain. Leave it overnight for maximum good result and then carefully remove it away in the morning.

2.   Clean your car in the shade-

If you let your car dry naturally out of the sun, then you can avoid leaving swirl marks on your paint job. While doing exterior car detailing process you must park your car in shaded place protect with sunlight specially while applying wax after cleaning.

3.   Cornstarch helps in buffing polish-

No one wants his/her car shiny in few places and sticky with dirt and dust at other place. While doing polishing or waxing process also use cornstarch it helps you pick up excess polish or wax and give your car an attractive and new look.

4.   Use newspaper for cleaning window glass-

While doing car cleaning process you can also use newspaper instead of cloth for cleaning your window glass as well as windshield wipers,so that they doesn’t spread dust particle again on the window glass.

5.   Always keep a box of wet wipes in your glove compartment-

A box of wet wipes in your glove compartment is very handy for emergency clean-ups, so you can easily remove the stain before the set up fixed or you need to work on it.

6.   Use a backseat organizer-

A backseat organizer will help you keep track of all the small objects in your car like scissors, candy wrappers,juice boxes that will protect your car from harm or mess up. These backseat organizers also help you in emergency time or late night, it takes care of your small things.

All these are few quick and easy to do car detailing tips that helps you to maintain your car’s value. All these techniques are very simple that provide you best results and give your car a fresh and new look again.

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